Calculator for solving a limit

In the exam of the calculus course, you probably won’t be able to use an online calculator. However, when solving exercises, it can be very useful. For one, if you solve an exercise without knowing its final answer, you can solve the exercise by yourself and then use the calculator to check your answer. Second, if you are stuck in the middle of solution, you can use the solution steps on the calculator to overcome it. Also, sometimes you need to solve a question that is not about limit but requires solving a limit or you need to understand a function behavior, then you can use a limit calculator to save time and get your answer very quickly.

There are several limit calculators available, but I always use Symbolab.

Here is the link  for the one-variable limits solver:

Recently, they added a calculator for two-variable limits, and here’s its link:


  • Free for anyone, anywhere.
  • Online calculator – no need to install anything.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Has a useful pad with all the needed math signs.
  • Shows the steps of the solution.
  • Suggests solved examples.
  • Solves both one-variables and two-variable limits. YEY!


Didn’t find any 🙂

I hope it will help you too!

Good luck!

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