Calculator for plotting a graph

Plotting a graph of an equation is very helpful in many subjects – solving limits, determining domains, calculating integrals, solving absolute min & max problems, and of course when investigating functions.

There are a lot of free online graph plotters out there. After trying many of them, I found my favorite one and I always use it when I need a graph quickly. I also use it for my solutions here 🙂

I recommend the following free online graph plotter:


  • It is online – no need to install anything and it is available from any device – anytime, anywhere.
  • It is free
  • It recognizes any x,y equation. You don’t need to reach the y=f(x) form.
  • It can show different graphs together in different colors.
  • Shows domains of inequalities.
  • It has a helpful keyboard with math signs and built-in functions.


  • You can figure out the exact intercepts only when they are integers. Otherwise, you will see the point of interception in the graph, but will not see its exact value.

I hope it will help you too!

Good luck!

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